Who we are

Who we are

LGTF is the formation of a new campaign that includes an alliance of Tasmanians deeply concerned about what an industrial fish farm will do to Okehampton Bay and surrounds.

The production of the TV and radio AD included financial contributions and ‘in kind’ support.

Our supporters are many and include two former Salmon Industry Experts; Rowan Armitage and Shane Pritchard. Many of our supporters live near Okehampton Bay; Grant Gaffney, is a furniture maker and shipwright, and president of Marine Protection Tasmania the East Coast grassroots organization, and Wilhelmina Rea whose family have connections on the East Coast going back 4 generations, like many parents she is worried about protecting the environment for her kids.

LGTF can confirm that Graeme Wood was one of many people we approached for support. Many of these people are small and large business operators that contribute to the East Coast economy and employ fellow Tasmanians.

We stand by the numbers used in the advertisement and encourage Tassal to release their feed conversion ratios to allow for a fact check of their fish waste management plan. We also ask that Tassal release their modelling - unedited - of exactly how much fish excrement in kilograms they propose to release into Okehampton Bay per day. We note that they have, so far, declined to do so.