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LGTF is not politically aligned and we are not anti salmon farming. We want to help grow our economy through embracing innovation, tourism and better health and education outcomes. We believe that the future health of Tasmanians, our economy and our environment are inextricably linked.

Who are we?

LGTF is a non-politically-aligned group of Tasmanians who believe the entrenched landscape of division, opposition for opposition’s sake and the tired old argument of jobs or the environment has collectively failed us. Our supporters come from a diverse range of backgrounds including digital entrepreneurs, tourism operators, farmers, small business operators, mums and dads.

What do we want?

LGTF wants to provide Tasmanians with all of the facts so people can pressure those in power to make the best decisions for Tasmania’s future.

We want to change the way our decision-makers think and act. For too long, Tasmania has taken the low socio-economic road – probably, in part, because it’s all we have ever known – frequently chasing a few ‘jobs’ at any cost. This is especially true of industrial salmon farming. There is room for the industry to adopt world’s best practice while creating a premium product that would also ensure the longevity of its workforce.

We want to:

Why should we accept second-rate health and education outcomes, and the devaluing of our natural capital just to make a few quick dollars for overseas investors who squeal at the first whiff of a cut to their government subsidies, while we are left to clean up and hand over our taxpayer dollars to pay for their mess?

Where are we based?

LGTF supporters come from right across Tasmania. You won’t find our home looking on a map. ’Cos we’re all for Tasmania! We value our regional towns and want to see them thrive while retaining their quintessential Tasmanian-ness (that’s not a real word but it should be). We mainly hang out on the internet – so whether you have the NBN (hello Triabunna), ADSL or, heaven forbid, are still on dial-up, you can reach us on Facebook and Twitter and tell us your thoughts. Even if it’s just to say you disagree.

How does LGTF operate?

LGTF is a collection of people who come together around a specific issue they care about using our combined resources to promote public discussion or research. We have no one spokesperson. If we are talking about tourism our spokesperson will come from that industry and have the relevant experience to talk about it. Ditto health, and education. There are too many talking heads as it is, so if LGTF doesn’t have something constructive to say, you won’t hear from us. 

Why now?

Tasmania is at a tipping point. Our island is having its moment. LGTF wants to see Tasmania leverage its competitive advantages and natural capital without damaging it; to export our Tasmanian-ness to the world and to encourage our exiled talent to return. Because enough of our money has been wasted on flogging dead horses. This is our kids’ future and it’s ending one day at a time. What better time to act than now.

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