Is Tassal Talking Crap?

Is Tassal Talking Crap?

Tassal has continued to spout its well polished lines in regards to just exactly how much crap it proposes to release into Okehampton Bay.

In response to our first video Tassal’s Head of Sustainability Linda Sams claimed:

“….what you can’t do is compare human sewage with fish poo, I mean it’s a completely different kind of waste.” ABC PM

That statement would be correct if Ms Sams was talking about fish in the wild. She is, however, talking about farmed salmon and she knows that, like most humans, these fish are fed a mixture of land mammals, vegetable meal, pelagic fish and fish oil.

In other words they eat what 90% of human’s eat – a diet of meat, fish and veg. Therefore what goes in one pointy end of a salmon is pretty similar to what goes into a human, and what goes in one end must come out the other.

Don’t just take our word for it - see it in Tassal’s own words – and quoted below.

 Our salmon feed is made up of:

 Or, what Tassal’s fish meal supplier (Skretting) told Four Corners -

NB* For those of you puzzled about the term ‘ruminant protein’, it’s any material from any mammal with a four chambered stomach.

Rowan Armitage, a LGTF supporter, was the Sales & Marketing Manager at Gibson’s Limited/Pivot Aquaculture (now Skretting) and as such has extensive knowledge in salmon feed and feeding regimes, commented “In the Northern Hemisphere they are using higher quality feeds so there is less waste.”

Rowan was also one of the former owners of the Okehampton Lease and added, “The Okehampton lease site is also very shallow, ranging from 21 to 28 metres. There will not be much room between the cage bottom and the sea floor, further hampering waste dispersal. With all the waste and minimal waste dispersal – it’ll be a ticking time bomb.”

LGTF will continue to promote open and informed discussion about the inherent unsuitability of Okehampton Bay for industrial salmon farming.

Grant Gaffney, President of Marine Protection Tasmania, also said: “Farmed Salmon eat a meat, fish and veg diet – I dive and I can see the damage waste from fish farms have done down the Huon and in the Channel, especially in sheltered estuarine waters,” he said. “I’m not a greenie and I am not anti-jobs, in fact many of our members are conservative Liberal voters. We need proper regulation and transparency around this issue, that is what will secure long-term jobs.”

Take it offshore fellas…