Macquarie Harbour each year

Macquarie Harbour each year

Thank you for showing an interest in our first campaign and for taking the time to learn a little bit about us. It would be great if you, too, could join us in driving positive change across our island. What all Tasmanians need to know…

In the Northern Hemisphere salmon companies are either: moving on-shore and farming in closed systems that catch and recycle all the waste; or farming off-shore, far away from coastal communities. They are also switching to feeds that don’t produce the high volumes of waste that have contributed to the devastation of Macquarie Harbour.

To be really clear, LGTF is NOT against salmon farming, or aquaculture. The Tasmanian salmon industry has created many jobs but, in our view, the industry is not acting in the best interests of its own future.

The number-one industry in Tasmania is tourism, and it’s growing at 8% a year. Jobs in aquaculture are important and support about 2786 people (that’s the industry’s own figure). Tourism supports 36,000 Tasmanian jobs on its own. The East Coast is Tasmania’s primary tourism belt – putting an industrial fish farm there will threaten natural assets that deliver real dollars to the communities that hug the coast.

Salmon farming can also negatively affect our recreational fishers, and the abalone industry. LGTF believes that Tasmanian salmon can be a gold-standard product that aligns with Tasmania’s brand. But some things need to change.